June 06, 2013


For those of you who thought that Obama's second term would be when he brought it on home for the progressives he turned his back on in his first term, DREAM ON! He campaigned on no cuts to Social Security. Now true democrats like Grayson have to fight him to keep Social Security intact--which the whole country wants to do. Democrats are fighting the president's budget--so what party does that make Obama a part of? The one you didn't vote for. The one that wants to cut Social Security or anything else to prevent the rich from paying their fair share. REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Alan Grayson Opposes Obama's Budget: "The President Has Offered Something Up In Return For Nothing" Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) objects to the Social Security and Medicare cuts: “The president has offered something up — in return for nothing.” And on whether Obama’s proposal represents an effort to compromise with Republicans so that tax hikes can pass, Grayson says, “You can’t equate cutting Social Security benefits, cutting Medicare benefits, breaking the promise that we Americans have made to ourselves … you can’t equate that with having millionaires and billionaires and multinational corporations finally pay their fair share of taxes.”