May 09, 2013


ICONA POP'S I DON'T CARE, I LOVE IT IS ONE OF THE MOST IDIOTIC PIECES OF CRAP I'VE EVER HEARD. I KNOW THE GROUP IS SWEDISH AND THEIR ENGLISH IS BETTER THAN MY SWEDISH, BUT THEY ONLY WROTE JUST ONE VERSE AND ONE BRIDGE WHICH THEY SIMPLY REPEAT. WITH LYRICS LIKE "I DROVE MY CAR OFF OF THE BRIDGE" THIS IS MAKING GANGNAM STYLE LOOK LIKE A MASTERPIECE. OF COURSE, WHO EMBRACES IT THE MOST? CLUELESS TWINKS! I KNOW SUGARY, CHEESY POP LIKE PUPPY LOVE AND I'M TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT HAVE ALWAYS EXISTED, BUT AT LEAST THEY HAD DIFFERENT LYRICS IN THE VERSES! WHILE HANKERING FOR DAYS GONE BY WHEN GAYS HAD SUCH GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC THAT STRIGHTS CSME TO OUR CLUBS TO HEAR THE HOT BREAKING RECORDS, IT'S A SHAME THAT WE ARE SO ASSIMILATED INOT STRAIGHT CULTURE THAT WE FLOCK TO THIS GARBAGE. FAMED REMIXER PETER RAUHOFER PASSED AWAY RECENTLY FROM A BRAIN TUMOR. SOMEONE POSTED THIS REMINISCENCE ABOUT PETER AND WHAT HE REPRESENTED MUSICALLY, LIKE PETER, THE GAY UNDERGROUND IS DEAD. DERRICK KARDOS: "peter wasnt a big smiler. in fact this is the biggest rauhofer grin i could find, lol. but u know, he was tough. he wasnt a dopey american puppy. all of the media obits are talking about his remixes for cher, britney, bleh. i wanna push back on that a little. who the fuck cares about that. thats not why he's important. Peter Rauhofer is important because he was the underground, the gay new yoRK underground.. back when we had one. songs like "walk 4 me", "let me be your underwear", "k-hole", "drama", "unique"... his beats were more than our soundtrack, this was the blood in our veins and beating through the heart of our subculture, new york city's club culture, the gay subculture.. back when we had those things. we dont anymore. as is well known, guliani and bloomberg destroyed club culture. and whatever there was of a gay subculture vanished with it. gay culture now is just a reflection of pop culture. there's nothing "unique" about it. it is dictated from above and corporate-controlled. it is *nothing* like what it was, it is *nothing* like what it was, which bubbled up from the streets, from us, and from DJs like peter and out of the speakers... UNIQUE, is what it was.. and this is what made celebs seek peter out, not the other way around. so.. peter's death feels especially acute. because it punctuates the loss of soooo much else that's already gone .. what we all created from nothing.. what now feels like a vanished universe. Peter had this to say to DJ Times in 2002: "When I look back, I’m proud of myself because I remember the day when I had nothing. So I think to myself how amazing it is how far I’ve come, what I’ve done. I never dreamed to do this or planned to. You don’t even realize how much work you’ve done…the years just go by and when I look at my discography I think, 'Wow, I didn’t even realize I did this, this, this and this.' If I had to stop tomorrow I wouldn’t be sad, because what I’ve done will always be there. That’s what I mean, this whole thing, that’s the satisfying part.. because it’s something I can always look back at and enjoy." He is right, and we all can, and Peter Rauhofer's music is some of the best evidence we have of that universe, our universe, the universe of our creation.. a universe of drama & smut, stomps & twirls, body and face and flagrant joy... his songs take us on a journey back to OUR subculture, OUR club culture.. the pride of OUR creation... THE legendary New York City UNDERGROUND. R̶E̶S̶T̶ ̶I̶N̶ ̶P̶E̶A̶C̶E̶.̶ no.. fuck that. walk for me. bump and dance. NOW.. let me see you WORK. .