May 07, 2013


(Which was a very popular and influential rock'n'roll-themed Friday night club at Don Hills.) TRICIA ROMANO: "The year was 1994. Rudy Giuliani had just been elected mayor of New York. It was before the city was gripped by terror, before Times Square was recast as a Disneyfied playground for tourists, before models and bottles infiltrated, soured and sterilized its clubs. After four years of Mayor David Dinkins’ meager one-term run, New York City still had its gritty and dangerous parts, with many pockets of Manhattan not yet gentrified to the teeth. Williamsburg was a Polish/Hispanic/Hasidic neighborhood; “hipster” was not a pejorative description for every kid from New Jersey wearing tight black jeans; and the Meatpacking District still had actual meat-packers." MORE: REDBULLMUSICACADEMY