May 17, 2013


TAKE AWAY OBAMA'S NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! Man, were those republicans who thought that Obama's middle name Hussein would make him sympathetic to muslims ever wrong. This monster will kill anyone without mercy. And without end. Senator Angus King, one of the few with a conscience called the attempt to reauthorize the 2001 AUMF "astoundingly disturbing" and said that "You guys have essentially rewritten the Constitution today." But we don't like our elected officials to have a conscience. That's why the great hope of the democratic party is the unprincipled Hillary Clinton, who disgraced herself by voting to go to war with our non-emeny Iraq. GUARDIAN: "This is the new normal. Statistics provided by Special Operations Command indicate that special forces groups were operating in 92 different countries in March 2013. The AUMF premise, no matter how it gets tweaked, is enabling a system of eternal warfare, a reality that is not only financially untenable for a nation in deep debt, but also ethically indefensible." In other words, our "leaders" want to keep the senseless killing going even though we can't afford it anymore. And now gays have won the the right to help out the world's largest terrorist organization when they enlist. Just starting my memorial day celebration early this morning! Maybe that's why both parties in our government refuse to focus on job creation--if jobs are super scarce, enlisting to fight enemies who we don't even perceive a threat from (like Iraq) seems like a good reason to die or be maimed. At least we'll get a couple paychecks before we bite the dust. And you won't be dying for any cause other to enrich the defense industry, who Obama is paying back for getting him into office. GUARDIAN: "It is time for members of Congress who truly care about rule of law, oversight and the financial security of this country to speak up." But they won't speak up. They'll be sheep like Hillary, ready to sacrifice military men and women to non-enemies to enrich her campaign donors. There's one smart thing about this plan, however: if we continue attacks against people around the world whether with drones or boots on the ground, we're that guaranteeing generations of terrorists will continue to retaliate on American soil. Then we can act all shocked as we did after 9/11 and the Boston bombings and ask "Why do they hate us?" OUR GOAL OF PERPETUAL WAR IS WHY. I'm not saying there aren't any crazy terrorists out there who will attack us for no reason, but we really want the attacks to stop, stop giving them reasons to. The US is the world's largest terrorist organization. The fact that the Pentagon is angling to reauthorize the AUMF and that only a handful of senators is standing up to it is proof. MORE: GUARDIAN