May 14, 2013


NEW APP CLEVERLY CALLED BUYCOTT ALLOWS YOU TO SCAN YOUR SHOPPING CART TO ENSURE THAT NOT A DIME GOES TO THE EVIL KOCH BROTHERS' EMPIRE. I am not too tech savvy and am not even smart enough to work my own smart phone. But here's an app I'll gladly buy and learn how to use. TO take down the Koch brothers before they take down this country! "In her keynote speech at last year’s annual Netroots Nation gathering, Darcy Burner pitched a seemingly simple idea to the thousands of bloggers and web developers in the audience. The former Microsoft MSFT +1.51% programmer and congressional candidate proposed a smartphone app allowing shoppers to swipe barcodes to check whether conservative billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch were behind a product on the shelves. Burner figured the average supermarket shopper had no idea that buying Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper or Dixie cups meant contributing cash to Koch Industries through its subsidiary Georgia-Pacific. Similarly, purchasing a pair of yoga pants containing Lycra or a Stainmaster carpet meant indirectly handing the Kochs your money (Koch Industries bought Invista, the world’s largest fiber and textiles company, in 2004 from DuPont)." MORE: FORBES