May 14, 2013


Obama claimed that he wants to reduce the influence of lobbyists in DC. So why is he giving the top position at the FCC to a lobbyist from the wireless and cable industries? Because he is as corrupt as the people he's appointing. Care2com: "Obama seems particularly keen to give government positions to his top fundraisers, and you have a lot of rich people making critical decisions about the welfare of the middle and lower classes." It's time to give up on Obama, republicans and democrats who continue this system of corruption. The facts are are out there and deeply distressing. If waiting for Hillary is your great hope then you'll be disappointed to learn that anyone endorsed by democrats as we currently know them will be more of the same rife corruption. I could never vote for anyone Obama or the democrat party endorsed if this institutionalized corruption which places consumer/health/security/justice/food and drug/communications watchdog agencies in the hands of former employees of those same industries. That makes about as much sense as placing a constitutional lawyer in the White House to shred the civil liberties in the constitution. Oh wait! That's what Obama was and is doing. The level of corruption is so great that it almost feels that the White House is openly mocking the people with these sham appointments. Openly mocking hard-hit Americans with shysters appointed to protect their interests: is that what Obama meant by wanting more transparency in his government? If so, he's been hugely successful with that. NY TIMES: "The question is whether his (Wheeler's) long career representing the interests of telecommunications companies would make it hard for him to be an independent and fair regulator when consumers have few choices and pay high prices for cellphone, cable TV and broadband services. He was also a big “bundler” for Mr. Obama in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, which means that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from relatives, friends and business associates. Political campaigns disclose their donors, but they are not required to disclose which of them were recruited by bundlers like Mr. Wheeler. Given his background, it is almost certain that he raised money from people whose companies he would regulate, creating potential conflicts of interest." It's another fox watching the henhouse scenario which proves Obama's utter disregard for citizen in favor of big business. Look at some of his other rotten appointees: Jack Lew as Secretary of the Treasury: a former Citigroup big-wig who has money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes. He told Bernie Sanders that he did not believe that deregulation caused the financial crisis of 2007-8. John Brennan for head of CIA: widely know as the torture guy! Michael Taylor as Deputy Commission of the FDA: a former Monsanto big-wig. No conflict of interest there. Eric Holder, Dpt. Of Justice just fudged his dpt's own rules by spying on AP reporters. Not to mention setting the tone for the failure of the Obama administration's moral compass by taking office and saying that impeachment of Cheney and Bush for war crimes was "off the table." Kathleen Sebelius of the Health and Human Services Dpt: shocked liberals recently by making morning after pills harder to get. NYC Judge Korman wasn't having it : "On Friday, he denied the request by government lawyers to suspend his ruling while they appeal. In the process, he lashed out again at Ms. Sebelius in unusually harsh terms, questioning her credibility and integrity. “If a stay is granted, it will allow the bad-faith, politically motivated decision of Secretary Sebelius, who lacks any medical or scientific expertise, to prevail — thus justifiably undermining the public’s confidence in the drug approval process,” Judge Korman wrote." Lacks ANY MEDICAL OR SCIENTIFIC EXPERTISE? The what ass put her in the Health And Human Services dpt? Obama. Mary Jo White: "The most recent example is this year’s appointment of Mary Jo White to the head of the SEC. In this role, White will be tasked with regulating the banks and keeping them in line. However, the problem is her preparation for this role. For the previous ten years, White has served as a defense attorney for Wall Street banks. Having made a fortune from these big businesses, we are now being expected to trust that she’s prepared to turn on her former allies and hold them responsible for the same crimes she helped them mitigate in the past. The administration has already faced accusations of going notoriously soft on the banks and so the solution was to appoint more of the same?" Jeffrey Immelt: "Facing a flailing economy and lofty unemployment, Obama created the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to find solutions for one of the nation’s largest problems. Good idea, except that in 2011, Obama named Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, to head this council. As CEO, Immelt had accepted government bailouts and still sent many jobs overseas, while using most of the money to pay out top execs rather than lower employees. It seems pretty ludicrous to put a man who exported jobs in his own company in charge of stimulating job growth domestically. Many considered the move to be Obama extending an olive branch to big business rather than an attempt to help the average American. Indeed, Immelt’s suggestions were to cut taxes on business to aid in job recovery: a policy that would line his own pockets, not most others’." Gene Sperling: "When Obama named Gene Sperling the chair of his National Economic Council, there was concern that the man was too entrenched with big corporations to be impartial. Sperling was able to argue that he worked only part-time for Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs. Still, this consulting working netted him over $1 million annually. Interestingly, Wall Street and other parties involved merely laughed off the criticism. Their argument was that Sperling had only been paid $1 million, which was hardly a high enough amount to taint him. Perhaps the fact that that they consider that amount chump change is a large part of the problem." Lawrence Summers: "Sperling isn’t Obama’s only chief of the National Economic Council with strong Wall Street connections. Having made millions as a director at D.E. Shaw and a handful of other top banks, Lawrence Summers was a peculiar choice if Obama was hoping for substantial change. A long-time advocate for bank deregulation, he has a history of looking out for the interests of corporations rather than the majority of American citizens." William Daley: "Similar murmurs were heard when Obama named William Daley, a bigwig at JP Morgan his chief of staff, arguably one of most powerful positions in all of U.S. government. With nearly 8 million dollars invested in banking industry stocks, it would seemingly be impossible for his holdings not to cloud his decisions. Considering that – for better or worse (hint: worse) – the financial institutions are tied up in just about every aspect of government, Daley could hardly be considered impartial. This list is by no means exhaustive. Other articles have done a good job compiling the surprising number of Wall Street-made millionaires who take turns on Obama’s staff, many of whom are given million-dollar farewell bonuses from their companies days before teaming with Obama as a likely gesture of “don’t forget us when you’re in power.” Combine that with the fact that Obama seems particularly keen to give government positions to his top fundraisers, and you have a lot of rich people making critical decisions about the welfare of the middle and lower classes. While it makes sense that the President would choose to surround himself with individuals with a proven track record of success, surely there are other ways to define “success” besides making millions of dollars as a Wall Street executive. If that is a main criteria for obtaining an important position in government, we cannot reasonably expect anything but a corporatocracy to emerge." 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