May 12, 2013


I rarely watch Sunday news. So sorry that I tuned into MSNBC today to watch their lead story: BENGHAZI BACKLASH! The lead story? Really? Let me ask how many of you are concerned or even that knowledgeable about what happened in Benghazi for there to even be a backlash against? It's sad that the supposed "liberal" news of MSNBC devotes it's top story to go on the defensive against ridiculous GOP attempts to tie Hillary Clinton to incompetency ahead of her presidential run in a few years. Republicans: IS THAT ALL YA GOT? Can't we wait to evaluate her competency when she's actually announced that she's running? Here's the gagger: NOTHING in the news, liberal or otherwise, is focusing on what the US plainly needs now and isn't getting: MORE JOBS. Our news is "informing" us on everything from Benghazi to Jodi Arias's verdict to a conflict in Syria to abducted women in Cleveland to abortion to Dennis Rodman's self-appointed ambassadorship to North Korea. But no one on the news is discussing the real issues. We don't have jobs. The economy has tanked. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is becoming the working poor. We're listening to wrong people talking about the wrong topics. If you think that an intricate understanding of Benghazi or Jodi Arias (or Joey Arias´╗┐, who I've never understood) is going to get this struggling nation back on it's feet then your ignorance is part of the problem. Our "news" and our politicians may have ADD which causes them to forget the very real problems at hand which are ruining lives in this country, but if WE THE PEOPLE are losing sight of what those actual problems are, how the hell will we ever begin to solve them?