April 05, 2013


Rob the poor to give to the rich. We're being told that we HAVE to cut social security and medicaid when it simply isn't true. We HAVE to cut these because the government refuses to tax the rich more (as Obama promised) and make corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Through loopholes, off-shore accounts and other tricks, many huge corporations pay a fraction of their 35% corporate tax rate. For example, GE pays about 7%. Other huge corporations pay 0%! Yep, no taxes whatsoever. THink about that as you're filing your taxes. Some of these companies like oil and banking industries are making record profits. But don't take any money from them--steal from the poorest during a recession. Obama isn't going to do anything for the poor or the dying middle class who are becoming/already are the poor. I sure hope gays can get married soon. They'll get to spend a lot of time with their spouses while unemployed living in funky mortgages. This is Obama's budget proposal so we can't blame a GOP-dominated House for this. He will never get this country back on track. He doesn't even want to try-- except when he's campaigning with false promises. After he gets our vote--not so much. MORE ON OBAMA'S BUDGET PROPOSAL: YAHOO