February 23, 2013


Sunday at 6PM, Frank Decaro will air his Oscars Are A Drag pre-Oscar special with commentary Flotilla Debarge, Lillie WhiteAss, Divine Grace and myself. It's on Sirius radio's OutQ station and if you don't subscribe to Sirius, you can do a free trial at the link below. And it was a riot to pre-record. I'm not sure that Frank DeCaro knew what he was getting himself into with 4 loudmouth heifers all braying into the mic at once, all with strong opinions. I warned Frank him I wasn't too knowledgable about the awards, but he cheerily assured me "That's what we want!" As you know, I require no knowledge of any subject to spout off. So I denounced Zero Dark Thirty as propaganda currently under investigation and when asked about Angelina Jolie's leg outside her dress last year, I commented that focusing on "issues" like that is why faggots don't have any rights. Just a little sneak peak!