February 22, 2013


So an NYC priest from St. Malachy's apparently has the juice to shut down a drag brunch in a Times Square restaurant. In response, the promoters moved the weekly brunch from next door from the church (on 49th Street) to another restaurant on 54th Street. I think it's a little scary that not only are priests spewing nonsense inside churches but that they also seem to have a say in what events go on where and when in the new gayest area in town Hellsea. Epiphany Get Paid is organizing a protest march this Sunday. If you're interesting in joining her, there are details on the event page linked. Who does this priest think he is? I'll be out of town but I'd love to be there to say "You have no power here" to this priest, especially since apparently, he does.



The Catholic Church (St. Malachy's Actors Chapel) of NYC has banned drag queens from performing in the Times Square neighborhood. 

Through various illegal actions they have threatened closing venues and shutting down businesses who promote drag. 

If that weren't enough the church says this on their website

"Fortunately, the priests and leaders of St. Malachy's have all been men and women of their times, and so, adapted St. Malachy's to meet the needs of its new parishioners. Masses, confessions, missions were all rearranged to accommodate the rigors of theatre and nightclub schedules. And, finally, with the construction of the Actors' Chapel below the main church in 1920, St. Malachy's became famous as a haven of worship for the entertainment community…."

We are organizing a public display of solidarity. Peaceful, colorful, and fierce. Please invite your friends to march with us from Times Square NYC to St. Malachy's Actors Chapel.

If the pope can wear a dress why can't I

We will meet at the TKTS stairs in Times Sq at noon, and march to 49th between 8th and Broadway

Bring picket signs that are funny, not mean or ugly or offensive. This will be covered heavily by the press so lets keep it light.

Facebook event page: FB