February 09, 2013


I enjoyed this segment on the Post Office, which focuses on how they'll stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting in August. Axing this one day will chop about 25,000 jobs, 40% of which go to minorities and many of which are held by women. But we want smaller government so let's chop anything the government does, regardless of it's value. Republicans have forced the Post Office to fund itself unlike any other gov't agency. So they now have to cut back. What's insane is that when the PO has tried to innovate by selling services which make european postal services profitable--like cell phone services. But Congress has blocked these efforts to innovate and then they claim that the agency isn't innovative or profitable.

The bottom line is that our representatives don't want to PO to be profitable because then it competes with UPS and Fed Ex which have bought our politicians with massive contributions. We assume that we're cutting postal services because people don't use snail mail as much. Of course, that's true, and in response, many PO locations have closed. But the PO isn't broke and wouldn't go broke except for the fact that republicans have forced it fund it's health benefits a decade in advance. And we all know that jobs with benefits are a bad thing, right? PITIFUL!

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