January 26, 2013


In December, you helped put the brakes on the Federal Communications Commission’s rush to allow more media consolidation. Together we turned the tables on the FCC, mobilizing more than 60 members of Congress to oppose the agency’s plan and delivering more than 200,000 petition signatures in opposition.
But FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski still wants to forge ahead — and refuses to come clean about his timeline or plans. Tell Chairman Genachowski you won’t stand for this.
Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch has been on a spending spree. He just confirmed to journalists at the L.A. Times that he wants to buy their paper. His lobbyists have kept the pressure on Chairman Genachowski, who remains poised to push through a rule change that would allow Murdoch to expand his media empire. Tell Murdoch and the FCC you won’t stand for this.
All the pieces are coming together for Murdoch. The Tribune Company, which owns both the L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune, just emerged from bankruptcy and is eager to sell off its papers for some quick cash. And Murdoch has been on the hunt for new properties, gobbling up new cable channels and more.
Murdoch is hoping we’ll stop fighting. The FCC is hoping we’ll stop fighting. But I’m betting that you won’t stop fighting. Help us raise the volume and let the FCC know that you won’t stand for more media consolidation.
Media consolidation is good for Murdoch — but bad for diversity.