January 08, 2013


We have three days left to submit public comments on Governor Cuomo's disastrous proposal to open New York to fracking.1
Submitting a public comment is the single most important thing you can do right now to oppose fracking in New York. We're on track to deliver a record-breaking number of comments on Friday — will you make sure Governor Cuomo gets the message loud and clear that New York wants a ban on fracking by submitting a comment today?
Governor Cuomo has made repeated attempts to open New York to fracking, but, over and over again, public pressure has forced him to delay making a decision on fracking.
Now we need to increase the pressure on Governor Cuomo by inundating state regulators with public comments. Governor Cuomo has plans to run for president in 2016, so we know he's very sensitive to political pressure. We can force him to back down if we make it clear that fracking New York would be a political disaster.
Fossil-fueled Superstorm Sandy dramatically underscored the danger that climate change poses to New York. That's why it's so shocking that Governor Cuomo is considering a plan to allow fracking in New York. Fracked natural gas is one of the most climate-polluting forms of energy, and allowing it in New York poses a serious threat to the climate.2
States across the country are suffering from the toxic effects of fracking: cancer-causing air emissions,3 radioactive wastewater,4 and groundwater contamination.5 Many of these effects are irreversible, so it's critical to stop fracking in New York before it starts by demanding an outright ban on fracking.