December 02, 2012


For years now, Wall Street has held sway over the Senate Banking Committee. The committee is stacked with industry-friendly Republicans and Democrats whose largest donors are big banks. Through this cozy influence, Wall Street has managed to ride out scandal after scandal relatively unscathed.

Which is exactly why Wall Street is terrified of Elizabeth Warren. After spending millions to defeat Senator-elect Warren, Wall Street is opening its purse again in a frantic attempt to block her from the Senate Banking Committee and prevent themselves from being held accountable for their greed. On this decision, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has the final say, which is why we need to get him to stand strong. Americans finally have someone in the Senate who will stand up to Wall Street, but first we need to make a stand for her.

Tell Majority Leader Harry Reid: Don’t block Elizabeth Warren from the Senate Banking Committee.

Senator-elect Warren is incredibly qualified for the position. She is a bankruptcy law expert, has served as Congress' lead watchdog overseeing the $700 billion bank bailout from 2008 to 2010, and she conceived of and helped launch the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In the words of hedge fund manager Shah Gilani, "At exactly the time that big banks don't want more oversight—or another potentially activist regulator—that's what they're getting."

Currently, the Senate Banking Committee is chaired by Senator Tim Johnson, whose two biggest donors have been Citigroup and JP Morgan, and is stacked with a number of Republicans that are in big banks' back pocket. Together, we can let Harry Reid know that we voted for financial oversight, not for more of the same politicians bought out by Wall Street.