December 13, 2012


I'm certainly not a fan of Chris Christie, but nor am I a fan of Barbara Walters. I think it's really odd that she asked him if his people's concern about his weight would prevent him from running for president. You dumb bitch--his weight would prevent him from running anywhere. (rimshot) Seriously, he is quite fat but these concerns (that I'm not sure that anyone actually has) didn't prevent him 
from running for, winning and serving as governor of New Jersey. There are certain health risks that overweight people have--don't ask me how I know--but hearing Barbara ask this mean, weird question in her trademark mock-concerned tone was really horrible. I wish he'd told her that people with physical imperfections can still do their job--and that's why she has a a job interviewing people with a speech impediment. Or maybe he could snatch that mouse grey toupee off her head and say that balding women aren't normally cast on TV. I am no fan of any republican. But fat people can do their jobs. PROOF: I just got off work!