November 03, 2012


Several days without power due to Hurricane Sandy were an unpleasant inconvenience, but nothing compared to what many went through. Hey, at least I'm alive to complain about it! A friend who lives above 34th Street did take me in a few times to charge up, shower, etc, and to catch up on the news. I want to commend all of the police, fire-fighters and rescue workers/volunteers involved.

But I want to particularly thank the military. It truly is inspiring to see boots on the ground in the US assisting with whatever is necessary to fight this natural disaster. How wonderful to harness their brains and brawn to help the US people in a crisis here at home. Our crumbling infrastructure is also in crisis nationwide--I'd love to see them help out with those projects which would employ many for ages. Hell, in times this tough where cities are forced to cut police and firefighters, maybe they could help out here at home to rebuild this nation rather than be sent off on nation-building missions when the US is falling apart. And these are probably missions which wouldn't leave so many soldiers dead or suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Some of you might think it's strange for a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, lefty peacenik to praise the military. But I never slam the military when they are advancing the safety of the American people. I criticize them when wealthy Senators and presidents send them off to fight battles that their own kids will never fight in--like Mitt's five sons who never served. Battles which advance the fortunes of war profiteers like Halliburton who pay our government to declare war. And battles which create hornets' nests in the Middle East which compromise our national security by creating generations upon generations of terrorists who despise America and will eventually attack us again. But when our military is helping people and not hurting people, and cleaning up messes rather than creating  them in the Middle East, I wholeheartedly salute their dedication. As a measure of gratitude, I am prepared to let them fuck me. God Bless America!