November 03, 2012


If your policies made any sense or even stayed the same during the campaign, why would you need to lie? And lie so shamelessly! In Ohio, 1 out of every 8 jobs are tied to auto manufacturing, parts, etc, so Ohioans know what's going on. Obama has helped the auto industry and unemployment is lower in Ohio as a result. So Mitt has recently gone heavy on  ads which claims that Jeeps, as a result of Obama's policies, are now to made in China BY ITALIANS! Hungh?

The head of Chrysler has gone on record to say that his Jeeps will still be manufactured here and even the GM spokesman has slammed Mitt's ad as a whopper of a lie. Even the Detroit paper which did endorse Mitt ran headlines about how false the ad is. I guess Mitt knows that he can't win without lying because his policies only appeal to the few mega-rich. Oh, and the racists. And when you're blinded by racism and ignorance and Fox News, facts like where Jeeps are actually going to continue to be manufactured--as opposed to Mitt's bizarre claim--don't matter.