November 15, 2012


Madonna is so "cutting edge" that she adds the dreadful Gangnam Style "singer" to her concert? Oh, and when all else fails, show your ass to create "controversy." Just like she had to add several guest stars to fill her 10 minute Superbowl slot. And people try and say that she's a trend-setter who is ahead of the curve. At least she didn't shove her tongue down his throat like she did with Britney. Of course, that wouldn't be controversial because we all know she's a slut and I applaud her for that. It's only worked with Britney because people might buzz for a minute that she's gay. Oooh! Gay! So cutting edge! Scandalous! I am not bashing Madonna for being old. I'm almost her age and never bashed old people anyway.  But how desperate is this? If I was a Madonna fan who had paid to see her concert, I'd want to see her hits. Why does she think that her own music doesn't cut it?