November 05, 2012


Flotilla Debarge (left) was a special guest at Hot Mess last night. By the time this photo was taken, she had taken off the large red sequined 47% medallion she wore while singing Let's Stay Together to a photo of Obama in a chair--referencing Clint Eastwood at the RNC. The gist of the song was that she wanted 4 more years with Barry, but she gave a really potent reason why. Before the song began, she addressed the "faggots" and "you women" in the crowd and insisted that they not let their p#ssies be controlled by old men. Flo said she had a young niece and she didn't want her niece to have to do what old men said unless she wanted to. Leave it to Flo to break it way on down. And remind us that many republicans in Congress were voted in during the 2010 mid-terms campaigning on "Jobs, jobs, jobs." Yet when they got into office, they blocked all of the democrats' jobs bills and focused instead on taking away women's abortion rights. When you see the GOP's true agenda, it isn't a popular one. Kinda makes me hope that GOP-voting women are "legitimately" raped and forced to raise their rapists' off-spring. Sweet dreams, now!