November 06, 2012


This is very disturbing. I'm no tecchie, but could this footage be faked somehow? Doesn't look like it. Or are these possibly the machines in Ohio, crucial swing state, that Mitt's son owns?

Does an honest party with an appealing message need to call voters and give them incorrect polling locations? Nope, but republicans clearly do.

Check a-hole Rudy Giuliani, once billed as "America's Mayor" even though many New Yorkers despise him. He's actually claiming that it's not the economy that we should focus on, nor any of Obama's foreign policy victories. Instead, we should
 make this election about a relatively tiny, recent incident in Libya in which the president is perceived as possibly having failed even though it's still being investigated. TRUE DESPERATION FROM A CAREER LIAR!


In the event that you are planning to vote democrat on Nov. 6, when you go into the voting booths, DO NOT SELECT THE BUTTON "all democrats" first, becaue Barack Obama will be excluded from the vote. However, if we choose "Barack Obama" first, and then "all democrats", he will earn our votes. People are not being told this information, because they are trying to use every trick in the book. TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW THIS!