November 05, 2012


I was NOT expecting Obama to shed a tear in his last campaign speech. And Michelle is such a secret weapon--why haven't we seen more of her on the campaign trail? She's such a moving, charismatic speaker. BUT--I couldn't help but notice something strange going on with one of her eyes.

Has this quirk always been there and I just haven't noticed?

Was her eyelash glue sticking to the bottom rim of her eye? (This happens to me.)

Or is she too botoxed to blink in one eye? I was certain this was it until I noticed her forehead sweating in autumn attire and botox inhibits sweating.

Did she take 1/2 a hit of ecstasy so that only one eye was "rolling"?

Michelle's eye has now replaced Libya as the campaign's central issue so please rush me your thoughts on this. It's a game-changer, folks.