November 15, 2012


So it seems that this anti-gay bill in Uganda has dropped the death penalty. But it's still makes homosexuality illegal. Obama called the bill "odious", yet for the past four years he's participated in "National Prayer Breakfast" put on by The Family, a secretive, conservative, fundamentalist organization which helped Uganda craft the bill. So Obama, if the bill is so odious and it's now becoming law as a Christmas gift to the disturbed, will we see you at that breakfast this year? I'm praying that we won't. Don't break bread with people who are praying to kill gays--even if every president since Eisenhower has attended. If you support gays in the military and their ability to marry, they'd need to be alive first. And I'm quite certain that The Family would love to see this law in Uganda take effect in the US if they could. Uganda's kind of like a trial run before they bring it to a wider market the way they open Broadway shows out of town before they tank in NYC.

Similar legislation being considered in Nigeria.