October 07, 2012


Not a good review of a Patti Labelle concert. But I LOVE me some Patti so much that I even love the bad reviews. I wouldn't want to pay $250 to see this but reading about it is a hoot!

"Labelle sang a few bars of "Spirit in the Dark" to a woman in the front row and then complimented her hair. The woman walked from her seat toward the stage so the 67-year-old singer could touch it. Then the aging diva handed her the microphone and walked away. For the next few minutes, the woman tried to keep the audience entertained while Labelle fixed her hair and looked into a mirror she kept handy. It was funny at first, but ended awkwardly, with the singer's music director finally recovering the microphone and Labelle reneging on one of her pumps she offered the fan."

She also thanks staff who don't actually work for her--which I'm stealing!