September 17, 2012


So Mitt think that 47% of us feels entitled. Damn right! Why shouldn't the USA be "entitled" to the same health care they have everywhere from Canada to Denmark to Cuba: FREE! It works in almost every western democracy so what's taking us so long? Is any country's government healthcare ideal? Of course not! But I'd rather pay nothing for crap coverage than pay monthly for our rotted insurance plan
s who buy the gov't in order to stay as crappy as legally possible. Mitt's writing off a whopping half of us as freeloaders. (Christian compassion for the poor, elderly and ill has taken the decade off--or is too busy with it's war on abortion rights and gay marriage to function right now.) So I hope that at all of those 47% get out and vote--against this fool! And if we're cutting off our pesky dependents that we waste a fortune on, let's start by chopping subsidies for oil companies and military spending.

Here's the breakdown of what households pay in taxes.