July 05, 2012


Someone sent me this teaser from Herman Cain's new channel yesterday and I had a hard time watching it and couldn't finish. There is plenty of nutty stuff on there: including a segment called Street Smarts featuring a black, homeless man with bad teeth saying that Hillary Clinton couldn't handle anything--she couldn't handle her own husband--which actually could be funny. And an animated ode to good ol' GOP stronghold Texas with dinosaurs (which is akin to how many Texans think). But what gags me and which you can skip to are Herman's own comments beginning at the 2:33 mark which begins with WE ARE NOT STUPID graphics. Then he quotes Benjamin Franklin and ends with "Let's give a lamb a gun!" With a platform that solid and persuasive, I'm shocked that he didn't win the GOP nomination. I mean, Republicans have brains which are open to solid slogans like that--it's not like they are racists or anything! But "Give a lamb a gun!" is, as Huffpo says, blowing my mind! POSITIVELY PUTRID!