July 25, 2012


The latest poll shows that 63% of Americans view Mitt Romney's business background positively!! How can this be?
They also think that he'd be better than President Obama at managing the economy, even though his tenure at Bain shows just the opposite.
We know that Romney is rich and out of touch, and that he's keeping secrets from the American people. We've been working hard to get the message out—another recent poll shows that 44% of Americans believe that Romney's hidden tax returns would "include damaging information."2
But most Americans still aren't getting it. We need to double our efforts to spread the word that Romney has got something to hide. That's why we put together a list of five things everyone needs to know about Tricky Mitt's tax scandal. If we can share it widely, more people will see that Romney can't be trusted. Can you share the list on Facebook, Twitter, and by email right away?