July 24, 2012


I interviewed the controversial Drag Race sensation on everything from Chik-Fil_A to Sharon Needles drinking his pee to his upcoming guest appearance at XL's Hot Mess on 8/8!


Drag Race winner Sharon Needles is fond of chanting "Hail Satan." And while I haven't heard you go that far, you have responded to Chick-fil-A president and COO Dan Cathy, asserting that "structuring your life and your company's moral standards around the past millennium's bestselling work of fiction and using it to justify your intolerance is lame." I'm also sick of people using the Bible as a weapon to attack gays when God is supposed to be love and the creator of everything -- including homos. Many gays really struggle to reconcile their own Christian faith with negative messages about them from their spiritual leaders. What are your personal religious views?
My dad has a master's degree in religion and spent time in a seminary, so I come from a deeply religious background. But he was also a lifeguard, so he's very go-with-the-flow. I believe in a greater good that I can't see, and that my dead relatives were granted avian powers to hover above me, protecting and watching me, except when I'm having butt sex.
Chick-fil-A's president also bragged in his statement that his company's heads were all married to their "first wives." So in their world, perhaps heterosexual divorce is also a sin? And their restaurants are closed on Sundays to observe the Lord's day. I don't think everyone realizes how radical many evangelicals are -- and this is stuff they say on record. From YouTube comments on your video or elsewhere, what are some of the nuttier Christian viewpoints you've heard?
I learned from "Chow Down" video comments that Leviticus was the section of the Bible where all the fun stuff went down. I was called a "dick-riding demon" and learned that straight men watch this on mute and think about Detox's pillowy lips.
There's a Mormon running for president. Of course, Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on so many core GOP issues that his own party doesn't totally trust him. But if he did win and ever stuck to his positions or religion, it wouldn't bode well for gays. Care to weigh in on candidate Romney?
Romney, once upon a time, was actually more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy and did many great things for Massachusetts. Ignorance isn't illegal, so if he sticks around to lose without dropping out, it's fine. At least his sons are hot.