June 20, 2012


So sick of hearing the media ask "How can the Occupy movement remain relevant now that the protests have stopped?" Well, the media ignored the huge crowds until hundreds were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and then other protesters were pepper-sprayed around the nation. The state police were even offered help on riot control by the federal gov't--that would be Obama. So to answer your question, the Occupy movement will remain relevant as long as the 99% realize that they are being shafted by the mega-rich, which have bought our government--both parties. It's relevant as long as big businesses are given tax loopholes so that they don't pay their fair share and allowed to send our jobs overseas. It will remain relevant as long as police, firefighters, schoolteachers and social benefits are cut to maintain expensive, pointless wars which the public for the most part doesn't support. It will remain relevant as long as the government licks banks' butts to make sure that they aren't penalized for collapsing our economy. It will remain relevant as long as we have a voice. Now, how are you livin'? Statistics show that it's not so well. So where's your voice? Protests or no protests, the Occupy movement is more relevant than ever. We have two presidents who want tax cuts for the mega-rich. Do you like that? Then speak up or get screwed.