May 10, 2012


Am I the Only Gay Who Eyes Obama's 'Evolution' on Gay Marriage With Suspicion?

As we gear up for nationwide pride celebrations that claim to celebrate our diverse community, I hope I'm allowed to express an opinion that seems different from most. Bitter Bunny held off to let you celebrate before weighing in with her cup of bitterness. But as a card-carrying atheist, a slut with no desire to wed, and a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist with no desire to fight anyone unless absolutely necessary, I don't comprehend the jubilance that most felt when Obama threw us a bone yesterday.
It's a soft bone that doesn't translate into any real policy, and I can't help but think that Obama is using a pro-gay-marriage stance as a smokescreen to A) seem more liberal, because he's lost his base, and most of them support same-sex marriage; and B) seem to have made a bold decision when we know he religiously studies the polls before making any move. The whole Biden "slip" on Sunday seemed clearly orchestrated to me. Obama hasn't made bold decisions on anything from protecting Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare to leaving insane, unpopular wars to going to bat for single-payer health-insurance reform to supporting the unions for which he claimed he'd put on his walking shoes and march. His withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has majority support, ends in 2024! And he just appointed Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto vice president, as a senior advisor to the FDA commissioner while Michelle Obama spouts a platform of healthier eating. I wonder if the first family eats those genetically modified Franken-foods. But to Obama's credit, he did make a bold move in extending the executive branch's power to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without trials. This move was so bold that he had to sign it with an apology and swore that he'd never use the new, disturbing power he'd just given himself.
I think we should have taken civil unions when Bush offered them. In my mind, desiring any religious institution, from marriage to circumcision, validates the church, our most vigorous foe! Why not defang the dusty old nonsense that is Christianity and its contradictory teachings? Whatever your beliefs, you can't deny that Christianity is often interpreted in the opposite way it was intended.