April 13, 2012



One hundred years ago, the unsinkable Titanic was sailing confidently toward the iceberg. Today our government is rearranging deck chairs, while billionaires build underground luxury condos in which to survive any disaster.

Tell President Obama and Congress to change course.

Income inequality has grown more rapidly under Obama than under Bush, according to the latest IRS data. Raising taxes on billionaires to the same rate paid by working people ("the Buffett rule") would be a start, but keeping our country afloat is going to require taxing billionaires far more heavily than working people.

We have hugely profitable corporations (including General Electric, Wells Fargo, and Verizon) paying no or negative taxes, and investors paying lower taxes on their "earnings" than people who actually earn their income. It's time we closed the loopholes and joined the nations that are instituting a financial transactions tax on the speculators.

Tell the people who tax us to tax the overclass. ROOTSACTION.ORG