February 21, 2012


They are squads, and their product is death. The U.S. military calls them Special Forces. Others may see them as “death squads.”

We spend $10.5 billion per year on them, and they operate in dozens of countries. Which countries?

That's none of our business.

Tell Congress and the President that it IS our business, and that we want military funding cut and “special” forces placed under democratic control.

Special Forces operate outside of any declaration of war, authorization to use force, or standard of international or domestic law. They don't ask permission from us or our Congress.

Now, the head of U.S. Special Operations Command wants the authority to move troops into foreign nations without so much as asking the Pentagon brass. What could go wrong?

Blowback. Terrorism. Global animosity. Sabotage of diplomatic negotiations. Escalation of conflicts into wars. THAT could go wrong.


Funding for Special Forces is not cut in the White House budget proposal. Instead President Obama wants big new bases built for them in Afghanistan and in the United States.

Enough is enough. It’s time to scrutinize and cut funding for Special Forces.