February 19, 2012


My last day in San Francisco--the prettiest city in the US. Unlike so many cities in the US, San Fran definitely has it's own quirky character. (I was disturbed to see an American Apparel open up in the hippified Haight and my fav t-shirt shop (True) closed down but you can't stop the worldwide gentrification!) Beautiful, fun-loving people (with the best haircuts for some reason), incredible food and exquisite architecture everywhere. This has not been a pleasure trip but my job here has been fun. Today is my last day spinning at Bloomingdale's for MAC and Lady Bunion has to tip her wig-hat to retail people who work the floors with a smile every day in high heels! One thing I won't miss is this city's unpredictable cab situation. I bitch about NYC cabs but generally, they are there. With people desperately trying to get cabs on every corner you have to wonder WHY DOESN'T SF JUST GET MORE CABS IF THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A NEED FOR THEM? But it's the mystery of San Francisco that keeps me coming back!