February 29, 2012


I haven't seen every GOP candidate's primary speeches. But Mitt Romney's acceptance speech tonight was the first I've seen in which a black person was in the background. You know they choose the background very carefully so I take this as a sign that Mitt is now the presumed republican nominee. Otherwise, he'd be too busy lining up working class white folks behind him. Now that he's leading, he can stop only pandering to the racist, white republican base and acknowledge that as the presumed nominee, he'll need to court the black vote. Especially against a half-black opponent. Sometimes I'm critical of Obama. He doesn't go as far left as I'd like. But his policies, if he'd carry them through with the vigor of a leader or if he really believed in them, aren't complete nonsense like Mitt's. Romney has now been coached and is a lot more likable. They've analyzed his flaws and clearly determined that he must be more folksy. Buoyed by his win, he even threw in a little humor and SEEMED human. However, no amount of charm can disguise the gibberish he's spouting. He wants smaller government and more jobs. When did this combo ever create jobs? In Bush's two terms, which sunk us into the hole? While dissatisfied with Obama and the slow economic recovery, could America really be so ignorant that they'd forget that Mitt's are the policies that killed jobs? Or that Romney's job was consulting with firms on how to downsize the number of their employees? Or that when he was governor of Massachusetts, the state was 47 out of 50 in job creation?