February 26, 2012


Obama has proposed a revamp of the corporate tax code. He wants to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35%-28%. How odd! That's the exact reduction that Mitt Romney proposed! Admittedly, economics are not my strong suit. But the majority of Americans in both parties want to see corporations pay more taxes! So how on earth would a democratic president wind up with the same numbers as a GOP candidate? And while everyone is supposedly concerned about the budget deficit, why are both of these plans "revenue neutral"--a sugar-coated way of saying that neither plan raises any money to combat the deficit? We need to raise revenue and most of us agree that corporations need to pay their fare share, not be rewarded with tax cuts. So why on earth would Obama suggest lowering corporate taxes when they need to be raised? Obama's plan does do away with some loopholes which enable corporations to get away with paying nothing--that's a good thing. But why not increase them? Because a) this plan would appeal to the GOP, which isn't O's party yet he constantly cow-tows to them and b) because his crooked hand is out to corporations to assure them that they'll continue to get away with murder if they contribute to his reelection campaign. So that he can keep on screwing us in his second term.

Romney's even worse proposed cuts make up for the loss of revenue by cutting social security and medicaid. Obama's plan makes up for the loss of revenue by sticking it the corporations in some small ways. But both plans are doing the opposite of what we need and what we want: MAKE CORPORATIONS AND THE RICH PAY THEIR F#CKING SHARE! WE NEED MORE REVENUE--THEY'VE GOT IT! PAGING ROBIN HOOD! The rest of us are hurting and Obama has clearly learned nothing from the Occupy Wall Street movement and has no plans to represent his impoverished citizens. People get angry when I call Obama a republican or republican lite. So how about a corporate democrat? Of course I'll vote for Obama over any republican. But when our only 2 choices will lick corporate butt over the needs of a hard-hit, broken-down electorate which are experiencing such tough times because the corporations and the rich have already been rimmed so deeply and so often by Obama and other democrats--how do we even have a 2-party system if the policies of both parties are so similar? The bottom line is: WHY SHOULD YOU SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO CLEARLY DOES NOT SUPPORT YOU?