January 13, 2012


I am so thrilled that my show has been extended and thanks to good reviews, we;ve been packing them in and even selling out! I know it will run through the end of February. It took me 10 years to do a cabaret show--so if you have any desire to see it, do it now cuz I may not be alive in 10 more years!


Watch out Lady Gaga... Lady Bunny is back, and her bouffant wig is bigger than Times Square!

In her first one-woman show in 10 years, Lady Bunny makes a fierce comeback to a packed crowd at La Escuelita Cabaret Theatre. While this self-professed “trash-talking filthy sewer mouth[ed]” drag queen keeps the audience deep into the gutters, only three blocks away, Mary Poppins is flying over the heads of children everywhere. Gotta love New York.

Between the disco lights, shirtless bar staff, and casual, club-like atmosphere, you immediately realize this isn’t going to be your typical cabaret. Lady Bunny knows how to get her audience up and going. Right away, she shouts, “Let me hear you scream like a bunch of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert!” She then alternates between hilarious Laugh-In style comedy routines, utterly raunchy pop song parodies, and pornographic videos on large screens. 90 minutes of pure, unsterile filth... and not a single person complains. In fact, those dirty smirks will be left on everyone’s faces long after the show ends.



Under the Bouffant, a Sewer Mouth on Go-Go Wings By DAVID ROONEY

A once proud and subversive warrior tribe that deified freakdom, drag queens have become awfully mainstream. Tame transvestites are now passing for Kardashians, while biological women all over television are communing with their inner drag divas on shows like “Mad Fashion,” “RuPaul’s Drag U” and “The Real Housewives of You Name It.”

"That Ain't No Lady!": Lady Bunny mixes filthy stand-up with filthy song parodies in her show at La Escuelita Cabaret Theater.

But whatever happened to authentically scary, sewer-mouthed, gutter-glam fierceness? That endangered but not extinct form of alternative entertainment has a resplendently tacky old-school flag bearer in Lady Bunny, frugging with infectious abandon on a toxic cloud of Aqua Net in her first cabaret show in 10 years, “That Ain’t No Lady!”

Playing Tuesdays at La Escuelita Cabaret Theater, this 90-minute set of filthy stand-up and pornographic song parodies strives to awaken the ghosts of a pre-sanitized Times Square. After an opening mash-up of X-rated Katy Perry revisions, the Lady warns, “That concludes the PG portion of tonight’s entertainment.” She’s not kidding. Much of what follows makes “The Book of Mormon” seem like “Bambi.”