January 21, 2012


Obama is trying to appoint bankers to top positions liken chief of staff. Even Larry Summers may be making a comeback! Of course, Obama has his hand out to bankers for campaign contributions so he's probably not going to be that hard on them. UNLESS WE SHOW THAT IT'S IMPORTANT TO US! Otherwise, we'll bail them out again and have them scoot off to make record profits as we drown in and debt and lose our homes and jobs.


We're getting down to the wire. Reports are out that in the next 48 hours, President Obama could make the call on whether to hold Wall Street accountable by opening an investigation into the banks' role in the housing crisis, or agree to a sweetheart deal that lets them off the hook.1

You're one of 360,000 progressives who's called on the president to investigate the banks, rather than giving them the broad immunity they seek. But we need to ramp up the pressure this weekend before the decision is made.

This could be the make or break moment. Can you share the petition right now on Facebook, Twitter, and email to make sure the president hears loud and clear that we're counting on him to stand up to Wall Street?

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On Thursday, at events across the country, MoveOn members delivered our signatures to the president asking him to investigate.2 Now, we need to keep building grassroots pressure with more people signing on. We'll send new petition signatures to the White House throughout the weekend.

This weekend could turn out to be the most crucial moment in this campaign. By sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter, and making sure as many of your friends and family as possible sign, you can turn our voice into something President Obama can't ignore.

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