December 16, 2011


Lady Bunny proves to New York that she ‘Ain’t No Lady!’

Amanda Thambounaris

After a decade, the ‘dean of drag’ is bringing trash back to Times Square in her first cabaret show.

(pic by Geraldien Winifred Visco)

Crisp white couches and topless bartenders and waiters lined the space of the La Escuelita Cabaret Theater in Times Square on Tuesday. At about 8:10 p.m., the lights went dim, but the mere brightness from the stage lights ignited the room as the audience howled and the music began. Of course, every lady deserves an introduction and Lady Bunny’s projector screens of fake celebrity reviews produced a heap of deserved laughs as well as grunts.

From the instant Lady Bunny stepped out on stage with her giant blonde bouffant and dress draped just shy of her private area, the feisty crowd was wide-eyed. She opened the show with her own rendition of Katy Perry’s curious hit, "I Licked a Girl and I Vomited" followed by "West Virginia Girls" and "Firework," accompanied by a generously sized dildo prop. As the song came to an end, Lady Bunny engaged the audience to let us know that, what she referred to as, “the PG rated portion of the show.” What was to come next was nothing short of hilarious and raunchy.