December 29, 2011


It shouldn't shock me, but it still does. As you may know, many states are newly requiring voters to have photo IDs. This makes it harder for the poor, minorities, youth and seniors to vote. Now why would anyone want to enact legislation to keep these groups from voting? Because they tend to vote democrat. And guess which states have enacted these new requirements? Those with republican governors! I don't care which party you belong to--this is institutionalized voter fraud and it's despicable no matter which party it came from. The call for ID is supposed to protect from voter fraud but statistics show that there is hardly any voter fraud despite the "scandals" about ACORN and such. Funny how the GOP will scream about ACORN and how unfair it is and then work voter fraud into the system. Cenk from The Young Turks was describing how they require these IDs (which many can't afford) and are often shutting down DMVs in black areas and opening more DMVs in white, affluent areas. Another GOP to trick--if you can't win with your unpopular candidates and ideology, cheat. Am I a crackpot or does this outrage you too? While I blame our system in general and out press for not covering it, I also blame the "democrats" who didn't vote in the mid-terms which allowed all of these tea party nuts and GOP governors to swoop in to enact such laws. It's rotten to think that you have to be on guard against your own government but yes, our "representatives" are that treacherous.