December 09, 2011


jon --

Did you see President Obama’s speech in Kansas on Tuesday?

The President made his clearest statement yet that major banks should be held accountable for their fraudulent behavior, and that they have an obligation to help homeowners and the economy get back on track.

While the President Obama’s speech was refreshing in its rhetoric, it’s time that he shows us he’s serious.

Three years after Wall Street's fraud and greed crashed the global economy, the big banks still haven’t been held accountable for their actions. Millions of American families continue to lose their homes or pay off grossly inflated mortgages. Yet, the banks and the Obama administration have pushed for a deal that would give banks immunity from prosecution in return for a tiny percentage of what they could owe if fully investigated.1

We need to tell President Obama to take action and ensure big bankers know that they can’t abuse the system at the expense of the 99% anymore.

Yes, I’ll call and tell President Obama to hold Wall Street accountable.

In yesterday’s speech, the President noted, “the fact is that financial institutions have plenty of lobbyists looking out for their interests. Consumers deserve to have someone whose job it is to look out for them.”

Call President Obama’s campaign headquarters and send the message that the President needs to hold Wall Street accountable and:
Enact a full investigation into the fraudulent and illegal activities of the big banks
Ensure the big banks won’t let be off the hook for their crimes.
A minimum of $200-$300 billion in principal reduction and/or restitution for homeowners nationwide
Many pundits thought that yesterday's speech was a preview of a major theme of Obama's reelection campaign: holding Wall Street accountable. Let's make sure the campaign knows that it will be action that wins our votes, not just flowery speeches.

Click here to call President Obama’s campaign headquarters and tell them to make sure the President stands up for the 99% now, and hold Wall Street accountable!