December 20, 2011


Lady Bunny's Holiday Guide, 2011

The incomparable performer takes us through her favorite holiday traditions.

Some call Lady Bunny a New York legend. She's certainly a nightlife fixture and enduring multihyphenate, having long since proven her role as a ubiquitous emcee, DJ, performer, and all-around entertainer. Essentially, it boils down to this: If they pay her, she will come. We asked the wise-minded and kind-hearted mistress to share her most treasured holiday moments with us. As you can imagine, we got much, much more than we bargained for.

Favorite Holiday Movie: Christmas in Connecticut is a wonder to behold. It stars Barbara Stanwyck, one of those actresses like Bette Davis who weren't the prettiest, but they were so full of personality that you just can't take your eyes off of them. Kind of like Meryl Streep today, who isn't a conventional beauty but in some roles (like Death Becomes Her) she can actually "act" attractive and you believe her. (I'm dying to master that craft!) In Christmas in Connecticut, Barbara plays a famous food writer who actually can't cook. Her feet get held to the fire when her publisher decides to join her for the holidays and she's forced to come up with not only a sumptuous meal, but a husband and a baby. A delightful departure from holiday schmaltz.