November 10, 2011


WONDERFUL NEWS! These petitions work! Because we spoke out, Obama is considering placing climate change over big oil. Please re-urge him to do so.

CREDO: "Thanks to the historic activism and pressure of thousands of people around the country and inspiring leadership from our friend Bill McKibben, what was only months or weeks ago considered a foregone conclusion, has today hit a significant road block.

The State Department and Obama Administration announced today that they will re-evaluate the route of the Keystone XL pipeline, and restart their environmental assessment, which take until at least the beginning of 2013 to complete.

This is huge. The decision is not the same as rejecting the pipeline. But it is a major delay. And it is also an explicit recognition of the inadequacy of the State Department's initial review process. And it is proof that the petitions, phone calls, letters, rallies, and yes, 1,252 arrests, made an enormous impact on this decision.