November 14, 2011


Facebook Opens Doors To A New Way of Suppressing Information, Activists Constantly Banned

"This is a job. Post and spam a person’s Facebook articles and posts for a profit. Some get paid up to $20 an hour. There is one individual who has at least fifty fake profiles that he uses to spam Wisconsin activists. It’s not hard to find these services. A quick google search pulled this up real quick. But they seem to have taken an even lower form of low. Trolls are now having activists removed by filing fake Facebook complaints. That is right, people are suppressing information in Wisconsin by actively reporting people they deem to be a threat on Facebook. I myself have been reported and banned for one to three days for simply posting “Good job” or “The majority of Wisconsin doesn’t like Scott Walker.” People have been reported on pages for saying nothing more than my name and have been reprimanded by Facebook. The strategy is simple and Facebook lets it continue. If someone reports something as abusive to Facebook they don’t actually look at it, they just remove it and warn the person who posted it. If you get enough you are not able to dispute them at all, and with no admin contacts and no one at Facebook actually looking at the posts reported as “abusive,” the person gets blocked."