November 13, 2011


In a 90 minute GOP primary debate, candidate Ron Paul got 89 seconds. His anti-war and anti-torture statements were cheered wildly as you can see in the video below. Ron mentions that the current lead-up to an attack on Iran is just like the phony build-up of doctored yellowcake evidence tying Iraq to 9/11. Funny how peace, even from a republican candidate, is such a dangerous notion in this country that it must be silenced. Kucinich, who campaigned on ending all war on the democratic ticket in the last presidential race, was shut out of a debate completely. The powers that be make too much $ off of war that even mentioning peace is too much for them. And peace gets cheers from a republican crowd? So who is it that wants these baseless wars? As this supposedly Christian nation gears up for it's biggest holiday, let me remind you so-called christian murderers who support war of the traditional Christmas blessing "Peace on earth, good will toward men." If you sit back and do nothing and allow innocent people to be killed with your tax dollars, you're accomplices to murder.