November 29, 2011


This isn't a funny video. it isn't a short video. But it is so worth watching all 10 minutes of, especially since it could change the our ability to watch short, funny videos online. Please watch and take action by signing the petition. Cenk left "liberal" news network MSNBC because he refused to stop criticizing Obama. Now on his own show, he's saying that Obama is clamping down on the internet far more than Bush ever dared to.

Congress is debating whether to grant itself the power to turn off parts of the Internet. Fun sites like YouTube. Informative sites like Wikipedia. Political sites like

This week, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) will start a historic filibuster of the Internet Censorship Act where he'll read the names of every person who signs a petition against Internet censorship. It's the perfect opportunity for 5 million Internet-connected progressives to visibly add their voice to a Senate debate. The more of us who sign, the stronger this effort to block this terrible law will be.

Add your name to the debate today.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to your senators and representative.