November 15, 2011


While I'm trying to move my $ to a credit union, I can't do it until something is resolved. So I'm on the phone with Chase yesterday and the representative actually ends the call with "You have a blessed day." You work for the devil, you dumb bitch! How are you gonna pretend to have the authority to bless anybody? Since every call is now monitored for quality control, I thought of calling back and demanding that this dunce not try to shove her religion down my throat during a business transaction--unless she was male, in which case I don't mind it shoved down my throat. But then I lightened up and thought "Choose your battles, Bunion." While I may think that anyone old enough to hold a job should know better than to have an imaginary friend in the sky who looks out for us except he occasionally decides to smite us, those are her beliefs and she was just sharing them. Since I worship black donkey dicks, I decided to simply share my religious beliefs so from now on, any "You have a blessed day" will get a sweet response of "Thanks, angel! And may you be gang-raped in a steamy prison fantasy scene."