October 31, 2011


Will had some great questions for his popular blog. An example:

7. So you've just met a nice guy you're dating. How and when does proper etiquette dictate you come out to him about your drag persona?

I really wouldn't date anyone who I thought might have a problem with my occupation. I'm more of a sex date type than relationship-oriented anyway. I typically introduce myself as Bunny and my apartment is crammed full of wigs, gowns and jewelry so it's not a big secret! I do know gay men who tell me that their boyfriends only allow them to do drag on Hallowe'en or Night of A Thousand Gowns. I guess relationships are about compromise--which is probably why I don't have one. But I would never want anyone who didn't like the real me. No man is worth hiding your true self for. I am going to spend a lot of time on the phone saying things like "Is my wig ready?" so if overhearing that turns you off, see ya!