October 29, 2011


GAYS! Help women! We're all in this right-wing assault on our rights together. Republicans got voted back in in the lat mid-terms promising to focus on jobs. Instead they've focused on turning back the clock on abortion rights. STOP THEM!

We are at another critical moment in the fight for reproductive freedom.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be making a decision soon that would determine whether millions of women would be able to purchase private health insurance plans that cover abortion services.

Without the option to buy coverage that includes comprehensive reproductive health care, millions of additional women will be unable to afford access to abortion services — and as it becomes financially impossible for women to have access to abortions, clinics will be forced to close their doors.

Before HHS makes a decision, it is holding a public comment period to take input on this issue. But, there are only three days left before HHS closes the public comment period.