September 20, 2011


I know that it's ballsy to suggest that anyone donate to anyone in this economic environment, especially if you aren't even in Dennis Kucinich's district. But his liberal voice is so important to keep around. When running against Obama, he was barred from a primary debate for daring to suggest an end to war--that's how dangerous the powers that be consider peace to be. So at least hear him out. I haven't decided whether I'll donate to him or not, but I know what kind of voice will replace his if he isn't reelected.


Dear Friend,

Three years ago, Dennis went on the House floor, stood up for America's Main Street, and attacked the first round of bank bailouts - describing them as yet another vehicle to transfer wealth upward, leaving most Americans stuck with a raw deal:

"When Wall Street makes a profit, it is their profit. When Wall Street loses money, our
people lose money. 700 billion dollars. Why aren't we bailing out those millions of Americans
who are losing their homes?"

Three years later, his words still ring true. We continue to shape our economic policy in ways that reward the wealthy and protect the banks, all while we're told we can't restructure mortgages and that there's no money to put our people back to work rebuilding our broken infrastructure.

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This debate isn't over. The Fed is now considering sending our tax-payer money over to Europe to help out - you guessed it - the banks. That's why on Friday, Dennis reissued the same warning and called on the government to stop the black hole of bank bailouts.

As he said on Friday, we know these unending bank handouts aren't helping struggling Americans. Of course, the banks are not investing in our infrastructure; they're not helping homeowners with inflated mortgages; they're not rebuilding our schools or creating jobs. No - the banks continue the same practices that got us into this mess: global speculation, deceptive financial "products," and excessive leveraging. And we pay the price.

Like Dennis said in 2008:

"I would predict, Mister Chairman, that we will be right back here in a few months with the
same kind of problems because we are not solving the underlying matter here; which is a
distortion of the economy because of speculation run wild on Wall Street."

We are "right back here" again. And its never been more important that we keep Dennis' strong voice in Congress to fight for ordinary Americans and a better future for us all.

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Thank you,
Elizabeth Kucinich