September 20, 2011


Now DADT has been repealed. These were my thoughts on the subject when gay marriage and it's repeal were the two main goals of the mainstream gay movement. Be careful what you wish for.


I sure hope that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed. Gays deserve equal rights across the board. Case closed.

That said, why on earth would anyone want to enlist right now?

The two unpopular wars we're fighting barely even came up in the midterm elections. Except with gays -- for some reason we're eager to join in the fight. Dan Choi, the poster boy for repeal, recently equated the bullying that the legislature engages in by keeping DADT in place with the bullying that's caused a rash of teen suicides that shocked the gay community. OK, so I guess all gays agree that bullying is a bad thing. And that no one should do it, right? As the most hawkish nation, the US is the biggest and meanest bully in the world! Yet Choi and others want participate in its actions abroad? It's not logical. Either bullying is wrong or it isn't. While the schoolyard bullies harass people verbally the Pentagon flies soldiers to occupy foreign countries for indefinite killing sprees. Oh, but we call that Operation Iraqi Freedom.