July 20, 2011


The wealthiest nation on earth does not have a budget crisis.

It has a billionaires crisis.

As Michael Moore said, “Right now, this afternoon, just 400 Americans — 400 — have more wealth than half of all Americans combined.”

Cutting programs that meet human needs must be off the table, and taxing billionaires on it.

The Progressive Caucus is sending a letter to Rep. Pelosi that states: "We stand united with you in insisting that benefit cuts for working families, our seniors, children, and people with disabilities must be off the table."

Tell every Progressive Caucus member that we expect them to stand by that commitment when it comes time to vote. We want billionaires to pay their fair share, so that programs we need, and have paid for, can be left undamaged.
Dear Members of the Progressive Caucus,

I applaud those of you who have signed the letter to Rep. Pelosi opposing cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.

I expect you to stand by that commitment when it comes time to vote.

It's time to end the pretense that our nation is poor and to address the extreme concentration of wealth that our public policies currently facilitate.

I am asking you to publicly commit to allowing the Bush-Obama tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

And I am asking you to pursue other means of making billionaires pay their fair share. For information on some of the billionaires we are not taxing fairly, please see http://rootsaction.org/limit .